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Predictive Solutions

1 2 3 comprehensive analysis and reporting solution Predictive Solutions (headquartered in Poland) provides a data analysis and reporting system known as PS IMAGO PRO, and a predictive analysis & deployment system known as PS CLEMENTINE PRO PS IMAGO PRO PS IMAGO PRO – a comprehensive analysis and reporting solution based on IBM SPSS Statistics® […]

ADAPA – Predictive Scoring Engine

1 2 3 ADAPA on the Cloud Software as a Service. Your predictive scoring engine on the go ADAPA is the first standards-based, real-time scoring engine available on the market and the first scoring engine accessible on the Amazon Cloud as a service. ADAPA on the Cloud combines the benefits of Software as a Service […]

Advanced Analytics-R

1 2 3 Revolution R R, the most powerful and flexible statistical programming language in the world, is already used by more than two million academics and researchers worldwide. Now, R is Ready for Business™ with Revolution R Enterprise, the enhanced and commercially supported distribution of R.


2017-Dec / 2018-Q1     13 December 2017 Seminar : Predictive Solutions’ Imago Pro 4.0     18 January, 8 February, 15 March 2018 Seminar : Predictive Solutions’ Imago Pro 4.0